Want to be a make-up artist

Considering a career in makeup? Here’s everything you need to know.
Some cosmetic lines offer certification opportunities, but the real foundation in becoming a makeup artist lies with makeup classes and practise. It is best to consider what avenue of makeup artistry you would like to focus on before searching for a makeup class.
Ask the right questions to ensure the makeup artist class you choose is the best fit for you and will guide you down the right path for your future. Are you drawn to working in film, fashion, or working on helping individuals to look their best for special events? Does it meet your scheduling and financial needs?
Get ready to begin an exciting career path in a field where you use your creative flair to help people look their best.
What is the role of a Makeup Artist (MUA)
Makeup artists of course use makeup and brushes, among other tools, to apply face or body makeup designs of all varieties to clients for a number of different purposes .
Makeup artists practice not only the art of makeup application, but also the art of communication. They work closely with other individuals, such as models, actors, musicians, dancers, directors, photographers, and camera crews. They also need to communicate clearly with clients or employers and ensure there is a clear understanding of the clients’ goals, and consultation by asking the right questions and offering feedback and suggestions is crucial.
Makeup artists would also do well to market themselves creatively to gain clientele and build up a steady client base and referrals.
 What You Learn at Make-Up Academy NI
Make-up Academy NI programs involve learning about the fundamentals of makeup. Students in these programs learn about various tools and techniques used in makeup application. Makeup artists also learn about facial features, skin tones, and complimentary makeup colour choices.
MUAs learn about infection control, lighting, and corrective uses of makeup application. Programs usually involve working with a wide range of faces, and staying up to date with beauty trends and products.


I had a great time learning at the make-up academy. I didn't realise quite how much work was going to go into not only our lessons, but the work and research we had to do at home. We learned so much in 6 weeks including tips and tricks when doing make-up, and learning that you don't need to use the same brand of product as a make-up artist. Our tutor was Leigh, and I have to say, I gelled with him straight away. He was fun, hilarious and very interesting. He pushed us to the limit and was always telling us how we could improve and giving constructive criticism without putting us down. The best part of the make-up academy is knowing all your hard work pays off and you are rewarded a certificate at the end. I really enjoyed my time at the make-up academy and I'm hoping to go back to complete a few more courses.
“Rachael Moody 2015”
When i first started my ocn with the mua i was excited yet had no experience or confidence when it came to applying make up. The course tutor was v welcoming and friendly which was a great help. The course overview was explained and each week i went through the criteria. intially i was afraid to even touch a clients face but didnt take long to overcome this. Each week i practiced and went through various looks and techniques. I absolutley luved my course and it has given me a brillant knowledge and skill which i hope to progress on through practice and time.
“Jodie Kearney 2014”
It has been , and is, great working with Lee Lyle-Toal , from knowing you and your company, Make-Up Academy NI for two years now. You and your company have helped my staff and members of Star Theatre Company/Media group so much ,and we were really pleased when our Lee and Andrew , John and others benefited from your make-up and styling expertise in training. You and your staff show great patience with disabled people and so we, who look after disabled actors and artists, would especially highly recommend your company to folk in the industry and indeed the public in general. We were especially glad when we all benefited in our film making from the interview with yourself and getting a look around your fabulous premises in Belfast.
Best wishes as always,
“Marion Kenny at Star Theatre Company/Media
Arts Co-ordinator/ A.Dir 2014”